Samsung D800 D820 P300 T809 D520 USB cable - box

Samsung D800 D820 P300 T809 D520 USB cable - box

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High quality brand new Samsung D800 cable allows you to connect your Samsung phone with PC computer. Now you can easily exchange pictures between PC and phone, upload wallpapers, JAVA applications, send / edit SMS and many others.

This cable is compatible with the following Samsung phones:
Samsung SGH-705SC, 706SC, 707SC, 707SCII, 709SC, SGH-A411, A412, A436, A437, A701, A706, A707, A707C, A711, A717, A727, C170, C520, D520, D800, D807, D820, D830, D840, D900, D900i, E200, E230L, E236, E250, E250D, E250i, E250V, E390, E420, E480, E490, E500, E570, E590, E690, E740, E780, E790, E830, E840, E870, E890, E900, E950, F300, I600, I607, J600, J600E, M300, P300, P310, P900, P910, P920, S501i, S720i, S730i, T219, T219s, T329, T509, T519, T629, T649, T809, U100, U300, U600, U600B, U600G, U700, U700B, X576, X820, X830, X830N, X836, Z150, Z170, Z230, Z240, Z240E, Z330, Z350, Z360, Z370, Z400, Z510, Z520, Z540, Z550, Z560, Z600, Z620, Z630, Z650i, Z710, Z720, Z720M, ZV40, ZV60

Software lets you:
  • send pictures from phone into PC
  • upload polyphonic ringtones
  • upload wallpapers
  • send / edit SMS
  • upload JAVA applications
  • edit phonebook
  • read information about phone
  • edit organizer
  • send fax and e-mail
  • design and upload logo
  • upload screensavers
  • upload games

    Technical specification:
  • USB transmission (complies USB 1.1 and 2.0 standard)
  • factory made, professional high quality connectors
  • cable length ca. 1.3 m
  • compatible with win 98 / 2000 / me / xp
  • compatible with Samsung mobile phones

    Set includes:
  • usb d800 cable (it is not Samsung product)
  • original cd with usb driver and software