UFSx2COM UFS Virtual COM Port

UFSx2COM UFS Virtual COM Port

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UFSx2COM UFS Virtual COM Port was designed to use with UFS SarasSoft Series boxes like UFS2,UFS3 Tornado/Excalibur, Twister, NBOX, PowerFlasher and UFS Clone. This software creates virtual COM port which can be used under any Windows software (for data transfer, synchronization, simlock remove, flashing etc.) with speed up to 1 Mbit/s (921600 kb/s max). You can use existing cables from FREIA to flash any Siemens phones by SWUP flasher.

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- generate strings for connected Box (OLD?NEW, Se Tool, HWK strings)
- write strings directly into slot of Box (no need to copy/paste into software)
- Used to emulate UFSx (Twister, N-Box, Tornado, UFS3, UFS2, Power Flasher, Excalibur) as a Normal COM/Serial port
- High-Speed connections up to 921600kb/s (~1 Mbit/s)
- Multi platform NT4/Win2000/XP support (in progress Win98/ME)
- Configurable emulation FBUS/MBUS/Standard Rx/Tx
- Selectable COM number from COM1 to COM254
- UFS 'Features:00000001' activator buttton for fast CNT flashing under Saras software
- Nokia backup Tools & Security code recovery
- DCT4 Fixing *#Warr0nty# IMEI
- DCT3&4 Read Phone Security/User Code

- synchronize data from phone to PC and vice versa by using special software as Siemens DataLink for Siemens, SonyEricsson Connection Manager for SE based phones,
Nokia Data Suite for Nokia
- edit SMS in phone directly from your computer, send logo, create ringtone, upload wallpaper and many others function that can be done by COM/USB cable using VCP
- flash such phones as SonyEricsson with DavinciSoftware or free SEMC software with speed up to 1 Mbit/s (921600 kb/s)
- use existing cables from such phones as LG 81xx, Ericsson, Siemens, NEC for usage with other software which needs COM port as Furious, Cruiser, SST and others
- use your Box at any Windows based software that needs COM port
- flash Siemens phones using SWUP flashes which can be found at phone producer site
- use your Saras Box with all other software by building additional cables or making a converter from existing cables

To use this software you must have one of these devices: Twister, UFS2, UFS3 Tornado/Excalibur, NBOX, PowerFlasher original or clone.

Set contains:
- sofware ufsx2com
- license