Sagem JTAG adapters - 27 pcs complete set

Sagem JTAG adapters - 27 pcs complete set

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Sagem JTAG adapters - complete set consists of 27 adapters which can be used to connect test points in Sagem phones without soldering. These PCB adapters are specialy designed and work with almost all available Sagem phones. Using them you eliminate risk of phone damage or damage to phone's test points which can be destroyed by overheating during soldering. These adapters are necessary to remove simlock, read phone code, change phone language, change firmware version using SWS-Sag, Sagem Code Reader, Sagmaster or SCDR II.

Each adapter is built of:
  • special pins for precision adapter positioning on phone's mainboard
  • connection pins to test points
  • RJ45 socket to connect test point wires from service devices like SMTi, SWS-Sag, SCDR, SCDRII, Sagmaster or others

    There are the following adapter types included:
    1. Wonu 53
    2. MYC-3B
    3. MYV-55
    4. MY 400/401Z
    5. MYC 3-2
    6. VS3
    7. MY 400C/401C
    8. MY 501C/500C
    9. MYX-5
    10. MYC 2-3
    11. MYC-2
    12. MYC 5-2M
    13. MW-3026
    14. MYC 5-2
    15. MY 404X
    16. VS1-VS2
    17. MY 210X/215X
    18. Z55
    19. MYX-8
    20. MYC-4 MYC-5W
    21. MYX-6
    22. MYC 2-2
    23. MY 100X
    24. MYX-4
    25. MY 213X
    26. MY 501x
    27. MYX-2
    Connection cable RJ-RJ

    Complete set contains:
  • 27 pcs of Sagem JTAG adapters