LG Total Service Tools 6.2 XP

LG Total Service Tools 6.2 XP

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LG Total Service Tool v6.2 XP is the only software which can service LG mobile phones in just seconds. Thanks to this software you can remove simlock, change/repair IMEI, generate code for remote simlock removing and reset user code. It is the most popular LG software in unlockers' community.

Supported phones:
Direct unlock by cable:
  • LG W3000, LG G3000, LG W5200
  • LG G5200, LG G5220, LG G5210
  • LG G5300, LG G5300i, LG G5310
  • LG G5400, LG G7000, LG G7100

    Remote unlock by code generation by IMEI:
  • LG 510/510w
  • LG B1200
  • LG 7020

    Software features:
  • simlock remove in ~6 seconds
  • change/repair IMEI (all digits) in ~3 seconds
  • reset user code in just 2 seconds
  • remote code generation from IMEI


    NOTE: This software requires Windows XP to work properly - it will not work under windows 98/Me/2000 OS.

    Set includes:
    - LPT hardware key
    - warranty

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