Samsung Multiclip - Unlock Clip

Samsung Multiclip - Unlock Clip

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We present the most powerful unlock and repair clip for Samsung mobile phones. It lets you remove simlock and repair phones after incorrect unlock operation. You can also reset forgotten phone code.

Supported models:
  • E700, X100, X600, E10x, S500 Unlock/Code Reset
  • C100 Unlock/Code Reset
  • P400, X400 Unlock
  • A100,A110, A188,A200,A288, A300,A308,A400,A408,A800 Unlock/Code Reset
  • N100,N105, N188,N200,N288, N300,N400,N500,N600,N611,N620 Unlock/Repair /Code Reset
  • M100,M188 Unlock/Code Reset
  • R200,R201, R208,R210, R220,R225 Unlock/Repair/Code Reset
  • S100,S105, S108,S200, S300,S308, S500 Unlock/Code Reset
  • T100,T108, T400,T408,T410, T400,T508,T700 Unlock/Repair/Code Reset
  • V100,V200, V205,V208 Unlock/Code Reset
  • Q100,Q105 ,Q108,Q200,Q205, Q208,Q300,Q305,Q308 Unlock/Code Reset

    General features:
  • Unlock (see which models are supported)
  • Repair (see which models are supported)
  • Code reset (see which models are supported)

    Set includes:
  • Samsung multiclip
  • 4 cables for SGH/N1xx, C100/Txxx/R2xx/Qxxx, A1xx/A2xx and E700/S500/X100/X600 etc.
  • user manual
  • warranty
    S500/E700/X100/X600 mode was added after 11th June 2004