Siemens Unlock and Repair Clip

Siemens Unlock and Repair Clip

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We present Siemens MultiClip which can the following Siemens phones
(C45, M50, MT50, A50, A55, A56, C55, C56
M55, S55, SL55, SL5C, 2128, 1168), MC60

but this is not all - it can also unlock the newest: SIEMENS ST-55 and PANASONIC GD50 GD55 !
Besides it can also generate unlock codes for:
- Nokia DCT3 and DCT4 models (mastercode)
- Maxon
- Vitel

Supported versions and flash ICs: ALL, but for the newest require test point solutions which requires disassembling phone.

  • Repair Wrong Software
  • Repair phone with damaged IMEI (read IMEI from OTP and write in eprom memory)
  • Unlock: 2-3 seconds - no need to desolder CPU or remove resistors (in newer versions you have to cut track on pcb) !
    Set includes:
  • 1 x Siemens Clip
  • 2 cables for Siemens phones
  • 1 x special cable to connect with computer (it is necessary for program which calculates codes for Siemens ST-55, Panasonic GD-55 and for eventual upgrades in future)

    IMPORTANT: In Siemens phones with newer firmware versions you have to cut track on phone's main board. Then you can use our clip to unlock. There are no Siemens clips on the market which do not require cutting track.