MBUS FBUS DLR DLR-3P cable for Nokia 6310 / 6310i

MBUS FBUS DLR DLR-3P cable for Nokia 6310 / 6310i

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This is a USB cable compatible with old DLR / DLR-3P Nokia cable, but with built-in special USB converter. Original Nokia DLR-3P cable had only RS232 COM connector, but we decided to add a USB funciontality. We also added FBUS and MBUS mode useful to service such old phone as Nokia 5110 / 6110 / 6310 / 6310i and others with compatible socket.

This cable works with all operating systems supported by FT232 chip - please check for available drivers on http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

Cable is installed as a virtual COM port, has 3 modes: DLR/DLR-3P (model), MBUS and FBUS. First allows to connect Nokia 6310 / 6310i in DLR / DLR-3P mode and others can be used with Logomanager.
Mode can be chosen using 3-position switch and additional 3 LEDs show transmission in certain model.

Example of cable funcionality using special testing software