Sagem Unlocker 2.3

Sagem Unlocker 2.3

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Sagem Unlocker v2.3 is a special software designed to work with LPT hardware dongle key which can unlock over 95% of existing Sagem phones in just 5 seconds. To use it you need simple Sagem 9xx cable - all you need to do is to connect a phone and press READ COdes. Then on screen you will see unlock code.

- remove simlock by reading unlock code that you enter directly from keypad of phone
- read phone code

Supported phones and versions:
- 9XX: ALL SW versions
- Mw30xx: DF4.5L, DF4.5F, DF4.5K, DF4.5J, DF4.5L, DH3.5F, DH4.5J, DI4.6E, DI4.6F, DI4.6I, DI4.6J, DI4.6K, DI4.6A, DH4.6L, DJ3.5D, DT4.5G, DI4.6A, DJ3.5C, DH4.5I, D04,5P, DH4.5N, DH4.5L, DH4.5K, DH4.5A, DH3.5J, DH3.5F, DH3.5A, DH3.5D, DH3.5K, DC3,5I, DC3,5F, DG4,5P, DG4,5N, DG4,5V, DH4.5N, DH4.5P
- My3020: DH3,5H, DH3,5J, DH3,5I
- Mw30xx: DJ3,5E, DJ3,5F, DK3,5A
- My-X3: all without versions xx.xL, xx.xM, xx.xN
- My-X5: JC3,6I, JC3,6H, JC3,6F, JC3,6E, JC3,6M, JC3,6N, JC3,6A, JC3,6C

Sagem Unlocker Screenshot

Package contains:
- LPT dongle key for Sagem v2.3 software
- warranty card