iCloud / Apple ID lock remove

iCloud / Apple ID lock remove

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We offer permanent iCloud lock remove in any Apple devices like iPhone and iPads. It is the security called also Find my iPhone which appeared since iOS7.
Devices with such a lock are useless and can be used mainly as a part donor.
Thanks to our servic Probability of performing this service is 90%. In case we are not able to process - we refund whole amount. There is no refund in case customer provided wrong IMEI or model

Price depends on model. In case You choose wrong model this service will not be done.

Service works for:
iPhone SE / 6 / 6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 PLUS / 8 / X
iPad 3 / 4 / Air

Details important at order:

After purchase You need to send to salesATgsm-support.net 2 pictures:
1) High resolution picture of phone screen with IMEI
2) High resolution picture of phone screen with screen where You are asked to log in into iCloud. Phone must be switched into English language.

Example pictures

It is not possible to cancel this service after it is paid. After it is done we will notify You by email. Then You just need to contact phone to iTunes to unlock.

In case You want to pay by PayPal we can accept ONLY: masspayment OR manual payment to friend/family.