Unifbus DITS UFC4 28in1

Unifbus DITS UFC4 28in1

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DITS UFC4 is dedicated for MT-BOX/UB and JAF/HWKuFs users thanks to COMBO PRO cables and main module.
It is a set of 28 adapters, 1 holder/connection used for flashing, unlocking all BB5 phones. Advantage over other solution are fast and easy change of adapters to main modules - also you can buy new ones without problems and at low prices instead of buying full module. For sure when new phone came on the market you did not have a cable. Thanks to our unifbus adapters you can perform any service operation without problems until factory makes a new cable. Set supports variety of all BB5/DCT4/SAM/ALC/ZTE/LG and even DCT3 phones (resistors 3.3K, 5.1K, 7.5K, 10K, 15K. Now you will also not have a problem to enter phone into local mode.

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