Paraben Project-A-Phone ICD-8000

Paraben Project-A-Phone ICD-8000

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Paraben's Project-A-PhoneTM ICD-8000 is Paraben's latest version of our cell phone screen capture device that allows you to take pictures or videos of the screen of almost any cell phone and display it right on your computer. It can also be used by anyone who needs to share the screens of their cell phones with anyone. Use the native camera software to take high definition images and videos of each screen as you scroll through the various screens on your phone to perform a forensic exam. The ICD-8000 model has an 8 Megapixel camera with 720p HD video capabilities that is ideal for cell phone forensics, overhead projector presentations for sales calls, conferences, court presentations, or any other situation where you need to project your phone to others.

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Product available on special order after payment. Processing time is ca 14 days agreed individualy