Paraben Porn Detection Stick

Paraben Porn Detection Stick

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The Porn Detection Stick is designed to scan all images and videos on your computer for illicit images. It's nearly impossible to keep any computer connected to the internet clean from pornography, even with programs that are designed to prevent access to porn. The Porn Detection Stick will not only scan your system for pornography, it will securely wipe any found images and videos so it's gone forever. The Porn Detection Stick will scan through files, deleted data, internet history, and zip files so there's no hiding improper activity.

Product Overview

The Porn Detection Stick is very accurate eliminating up to 99% of photos. It's also very simple to use. Plug it in to a USB port, run the software, select where to scan and let it go. You'll quickly see results start pouring in. You can then view the results so you can make your own determination as to whether the suspected images are pornographic in nature. You can even blur the results so you're not subjected to illicit content.


Special Law Enforcement Version:


Product available on special order after payment. Processing time is ca 14 days agreed individualy