RIFF Box JTAG - original

RIFF Box JTAG - original

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RIFF Box JTAG is a new device from Rocker Team. There are no other device with so many complex functions supported. As always, Rocker team released something unique and outstanding. The devices suits most of user needs, although is aimed at advanced developers who need to debug their own embedded code. (Or reverse someone’s else ). Unique scripting support, GDB Server for IDA real time debugging, Trace32 scripts compatibility and high quality hardware will be on Your service. Our R&D Team is ready to serve our valued customers as well as our tech support staff.

RIFF JTAG firmware supports following features at the moment:

| Currently supported memory controllers are:

Currently supported chipsets and cores for JTAG I/O operations:

This is the list of available RIFF JTAG Resurrectors DLL-s , which You can use for one click dead boot repair.
List will be updated with new releases, and this is only small part of models we will add.

Tablets :

GPS Devices:

Mobile phones and communicators :

Alcatel Phones:

Asus Phones:

Fly Phones:

CoolPad Phones:

DELL Phones:

Lenovo Phones:

Eten Phones:

HTC Phones:

Huawei Phones:

LG Phones:

HP Phones:

Pantech Sky Phones:

SonyEricsson Phones:

Samsung Phones:

Toshiba Phones:

ZTE Phones:

CDMA Mobile Phones:

Broadband Modems:

Satellite Receivers (STB-s):

Network Routers: