MBC (Multi Boot Cable) RJ45 for Z3x Vygis Octopus

MBC (Multi Boot Cable) RJ45 for Z3x Vygis Octopus

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MBC (Multi Boot Cable) for Z3x Vygis Octopus is a universal cable with changable resistance as well as Box type swicth for various phones from LG and Samsung. Works also as Download Mode Clip for Galaxy S models. Allows you to unlock/flash LG/Samsung phones with MBC Z3x Vygis Octopus.

Features of left switch:
- 130 - change resistance to 130K for LG phones as LG GS102, GM750
- 300 - change resistance to 300 K for allows Download Mode access for Samsung Galaxy S I9000
- 530 - change resistance for 530K for support phones as Samsung C3303K, C3300K

Features of rigth switch:
- change switch for Samsung (Z3x)
- change switch for LG (Vygis, Octopus)

Compatible devices: