UFCv2 adapter for UNIFBUS GPGUFC

UFCv2 adapter for UNIFBUS GPGUFC

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UFCv2 adapter for UNIFBUS GPGUFC is a new and updated version of adapter for GPGUFC cables 9in1, 13in1, 20in1 etc. There are many advantages of the latest version as a professional COMBO leads (JAF®/MT-Box so 8 and 10 pin RJ). Changed resistance from 10K to 15K solves many problems with the latest phones.
There are also important improvements like possibility to connect external power supply ACP-12 which solves problems with flashing APE. It is useful for boxes which do not have sufficient power to boot up phone, added USB socket to work with UFCv2 as Jungle cables and testpoint leads for RX2, MT-Box VPP and MBUS.

We suggest all owners of available set 9in1/13in1 to purchase this extra adapter and update to the latest version.

Technical specification:
- Testpoint leads for MBUS, Rx2, MT VPP and also BSI and VCC (in version 2 also GND)
- use of professional cables PRO COMBO allows to use for MT-BOX (10 pin) as well as JAF® (8pin) and compatible devices
- added external power supply ACP-12 socket which solves problems with APE flashing etc.
- possibilty to use UFCv2 adapter as a Jungle cable set
- changed switch to 5 position and resistance up to 15K to solve problems with the latest phones

You must have 9in1, 13in1 or 20in1 cable set to use this adapter.

Compatible devices: