MTBOX logs for SL3 unlock - 10 logs

MTBOX logs for SL3 unlock - 10 logs

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MT-BOX SL3 credits are boxlogin MTBOX credits used for unlocking the latest SL3 phones using only Fbus cables in few seconds.
Unlock is 100% safe, because codes are calculated especially for Your phone and can be even entered manualy.

Sample movie which shows unlock of SL3 phone.

- Unlock SL3 phones by code calculation in superb time

Supported sample models list (no matter model - important is HASH Key):
Price for unlock is 30 MT Box credits for all models, so You will need 3 pcs of this product.

Unlock for all phones is supported using FBUS cables with TX2 only. Also enable in MT Box extras Use TX2 line.

SL3 Supported ROOT_KEY_HASH( RAP ):