BlackBerry remote unlock by IMEI - MEP

BlackBerry remote unlock by IMEI - MEP

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This service can unlock ANY BLACKBERRY locked to ANY OPERATOR, regardless whether it’s old security, new security or no security. To get code we need IMEI + MEP, this mean you will need to read phone with original usb cable but you will get just ONE working code (the good one).
We usualy send code in 1 to 24 hours - during business hours.
These codes work for both 'new security' and 'old security'.

Supported phone models:

This service can unlock any Blackberry phone. What ever the model is.

Manual how to read MEP:
1. Download Blackberry MEP Reader.
2. Connect Blackberry to your PC using original USB cable.
3. Open Blackberry Logger
4. Click on “Read Blackberry Handset Info”
5. Place an order.
Remember - if you type in wrong IMEI and MEP then codes will be wrong. That is why please do not rewrite manualy, but just copy/paste and compare if IMEI and MEP given in form are correct.
ATTENTION! MEP must be typed in in the following format: MEP-xxxxx-xxx, for example: MEP-09292-001