Car adapter for USB device 5V 2A

Car adapter for USB device 5V 2A

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In journey you often do not have access to home current socket, so car light socket can become the only source of power for your PDA. This car adapter is a great solution for people who travel a lot by car. If you use navigation and you do not have built-in GPS system, then this car adapter will solve the problem and supply power for your PDA.
This apdater converts current from car light socket into USB socket, so it is ideal solution for Sync&Charge cables available in our shop.

Technical parameters are designed for your palmtop and stadard car light socket. You can quickly charg your palm device without any risk. Charger as built in LED showing work and fuse which protects device connected into USB socket against small voltage changes. Device is new.

Picture of adapter:

  • input: 12 - 24 V
  • output: 5 V, 2 A
  • LED to indicate work