Vodafone activation for JAF

Vodafone activation for JAF

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Vodafone activation for JAF allows to activate your Pkey to support Vodafone / Huawei U120s, U120, V810, V715, U120e, U121, V716, U401i, V720, V725 , V712 v.2 phones. After activaiton you can unlock, read user code and reset counter in above phones.

Information: You need an USB cable for support above phones

Functions of software:
- simlock remove
- read user code
- reset counter

Supported phones:
- U120s
- U120
- V810
- V715
- U120e
- U121
- V716
- U401i
- V720
- V725
- V712 v.2

How you can receive an activation:
1) After payment confirmation customer should send serial number of his PKEY dongle. Then we register it on JAF server.
2) Then customer will receive an email with information that he can update Pkey - from now you can use software

Complete contains:
- Vodafone activation for JAF
- invoice